best makeup primer

With the huge array of choices that women are using, there are lots of products that prepare the face before applying make up. One of these products is the makeup primer. Depending on the type, it is designed to smooth the fine lines and wrinkles on the face. The primer is one is now being considered as an important part of one’s make up application routine.

Makeup primer is used to prepare the face for cosmetics application by smoothing the areas of the face that are susceptible to fine lines like those surrounding the mouth. With a primer applied, foundation can go on evenly and a lot smoother so can eye shadow, blush and other cosmetic products. The smooth effect is non-permanent, but it can last all day long. This is the same for eye makeup primer.


The best makeup primer mostly contains polymers, silicone and waxes. These substances will make the cosmetics have better longevity as they are forming bonds with the other cosmetics. The use of primer on the eye area can stop the creasing of the eye shadow. Lesser amounts of foundation can be used and have the same smooth effect on the face when a primer is initially applied.

Facial scars can be hidden with the use of these primers. Primers do fill the sunken scars to make them level with the skin which makes a smooth effect. The wearing of makeup usually draws attention to the facial scar but with the use of primers, hiding the scars is very easy.

There are different tints available for primers. Carefully choose the tint that matches with the skin complexion. A good idea is to use transparent makeup primer. For oily skin choose a special primer. Primers do not only help the skin surface to appear like it is level, it also helps in covering skin discolorations and age spots. If foundation is to be used on top of a primer, it is better to use a clear primer. There some people who are not using foundation anymore, instead they opt to use the tinted type of primer.

Makeup primers are must haves in the makeup lover’s makeup kit. This is commonly used by makeup artists to create smooth, glowing and beautiful skin. Primers do not only help in the hiding of skin imperfections, but it also protects it from the harm caused by some factors like air pollutants and UV rays.

There are actually 3 major reasons why the use of a make up primer became important. It can erase skin flaws, makes the makeup last longer and fixes skin discoloration. Primer makeup are capable of blending with all types of skin flaws from fine lines to scars and even large pores. This will create a perfectly smooth base for further makeup application. Primers help in maintaining the color and texture of makeup while keeping it looking fresher and lasting longer.

Makeup primers that are matched with eye shadow, blush, and foundation will look awesome. The use of the tinted type of primer is a good way of hiding visible skin discoloration. People who should not use makeup primers are those who have conditions like allergies, contact dermatitis, or milia. Milia are the fine cysts found on the area below the eyes. Those who were fortunate enough to have a flawless skin complexion do not need the help of this product.

Anyone can wear makeup primers, as they are safe to use for all ages. Though it is known that primers will not cause any skin damage, they may clog the pores of the skin because of its texture, it is still important to give the skin some amount of time to rest between usage. You can find the best makeup primer for oily skin and for dry skin. Look for ones that are specific to your type.

There is one final note and that has to do with the quality of makeup. At this very moment you need to make the commitment to stop buy cheap cosmetics from the bargain bin at the dollar store. We all love fantastic savings and cheap makeup seems like a really good deal but this is a shortsighted view. First off, low quality makeup applies horribly. Sophisticated looks are unattainable when the makeup doesn’t lay on right. Eye pencil that can hold a point are useless. Second, you have know idea how much damage you are doing to your skin. Cheap petroleum makeup not only clogs your pores, it enlarges them. Over time you will develop a nasty complexion that will require even more makeup to cover it. That completely defeats the purpose of makeup which is to make us beautiful. So a word to the wise, save up your money and make the switch to high quality makeup for the sake of retaining your good looks.


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