Types of Makeup Foundation

Foundation is applied on the face and the neck to give the skin an even, smooth look. It acts as a base for all other makeup primer. Foundation hides the blemishes, scars and spots on the face, thus making a woman’s skin appear clear and beautiful. These days, there are makeup Best Foundation For Oily Skin types available in the market. Choosing the one which is perfect for one’s skin and meets one’s requirements, can be very difficult. So, to make things easy, here is some trivia on all the different makeup foundations, which women will find very useful. Have a look…

Makeup Foundations for Different Skin Types

Liquid Foundation
Amongst all the makeup foundation types, liquid foundation is most popular with women. Reason being that since it’s in liquid form, it acts as the full coverage foundation for your skin. All the “flaws” in the face, such as, blemishes, spots and under eye dark circles, can be easily covered with proper application of liquid foundation. On the flip side, liquid foundation is unsuitable for women with oily skin. Even the water-based one can make a woman with an oily skin, look greasy. Moreover, if someone does not apply it correctly, a liquid foundation can make the face look streaky. This is especially true if the woman has selected a liquid foundation color which does not match her skin tone.

Cream Foundation
One step ahead of liquid foundations, in terms of moisturizing the skin and providing coverage, are the cream foundations. They provide heavy coverage and can be very oily on the skin. That’s why, women with extra dry skin should only go in for a cream foundation makeup.

Powder Foundation
A powder foundation does not provide the kind of coverage which a Best Liquid Foundation does, still, it is of great use to women who have an oily skin. Another benefit of a powder foundation is that it is available in compact form, which means that it can be carried by women anywhere, for touch ups, throughout the day! Moreover, powder foundations create a look as if the wearer is sans any makeup. So, for all those women who prefer a natural, even look, powder foundations are God send!

Stick Foundation
Stick foundation resembles a lipstick in shape and texture. When applied on the face, it dries out very quickly, which makes it perfect for women with an oily skin. With stick foundations, women no longer need concealers as these cover all the skin “flaws”. They are perfect to wear for parties and special events, as they provide a very heavy coverage.

Spray Foundation
Women who are always on the go and need to freshen up their look after every few hours, should go in for spray foundations. As the name suggests, these foundations come in a spray bottle and thus can be sprayed over the face, whenever the face starts looking dull! They are the easiest to apply and the best part is that they are available in numerous shades. Women with sensitive skin will especially find them very useful.

Tinted Moisturizer
Tinted moisturizers combine the properties of foundation and moisturizer. They provide a light Best Full Coverage Foundation to the skin, keeping it moisturized at the same time. Many of the tinted moisturizers come with SPF, thus they help in protecting the skin against sun damage as well. Tinted moisturizers are the ideal choice for women with dry and wrinkly skin, as they do not create any kind of streaks on the skin. Due to their moisturizing property, women with dry skin should definitely give them a try.

Mousse Foundation
Mousse foundation is a cross between liquid and powder foundation. It provides medium coverage and blends very easily with the skin. Like a powder foundation, mousse foundation gives a very natural feel and look to the skin and like a liquid foundation, it covers most of the “flaws”! Mousse foundation works best on an aging, dry skin.

Mineral Foundation
Women who have a sensitive skin, have found their answer in mineral foundation. This foundation is made from natural products and is thus, safer than all other makeup foundations. It is available in both liquid and powder form. It contains many minerals, including zinc, which is known to protect the skin from the ultra violet rays of the sun.

Liquid to Powder Foundation
This type of foundation is suitable for women with a normal skin. It is available in a compact form, in almost all shades. This type of foundation dries up very quickly after application, giving the skin a smooth, even, oil-free coverage.

With the information above, I hope now you will be able to pick a foundation which meets your criteria. One last tip before I sign off – always use the foundation in combination with a moisturizer and a concealer. These three together, if applied appropriately, can give your skin an amazing appeal!

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