Tom Ford Beauty Eye Primer Duo for Fall 2014

Beauty I want now? Tom Ford Beauty Eye Primer Duo, I need it, like now, maybe yesterday, last month, even! And it could be the spirit as soon as I can get more Neimans.

Tom Ford Beauty Eye Primer Duo
Tom Ford Beauty Eye Primer Duo

Tom Ford Eye Primer Duo ($100 ) is a pair of primers and powder eyeshadow cream that promises 15 hours of use eyeshadow without creasing. The formula shadows remain wrinkle free and keeps it real and intense colors.

It’s a bit of a complex primer you’re supposed to apply the cream first, followed by powder to set, and proceed to apply eyeshadow. Personally, I like the sudden my shadow primer on and follow up with the method of the shadow. I really need an extra in my makeup regimen step ? Last Apparently, it will absorb the excess oil and let the shadows to have a solid layer to adhere to allowing them to wear stronger. I think the dry lids will eventually have a problem with that as those which are likely to be oily love.

I think my own lemming is that I ‘m hoping it will work on its own to cover a bare look. I really like products such as delivery Lemon Aid that allow me to leave the critical eye lids open house while allowing my eyes to look brighter and less sleepy. I was hoping that Tom Ford Eye Primer Duo has the same effect that I can multitask with her to a naked eye and also to keep my eyeshadow sealed up.

It might just added to my ” Beauty need right now ” list.

It is available now

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