Foundation Brush is Best!

When it comes to giving the skin an even tone, nothing can beat the old foundation. Foundation has been used for decades by women and makeup artists to give the skin a glowing flawless appearance. There are generally three ways in which the foundation can be applied on the skin that is to say by the hand, sponges and brushes. Among them, the basic application is easier thanks to the hand. Although, when it comes to cleanliness and comprehensive coverage of the skin, no other application methods of the foundation even comes close to a foundation brush. Below are some helpful tips for choosing the best foundation brush, as well as suggestions on how to take care of brushes so they last for years.

Tips on Buying the Best Foundation Brush

According to the comments, brushes that come with hair both long and short are better equipped to fulfill the foundation into the skin. These brushes can almost give you a look at the air brushed. So you can opt for brushes of this type.

If you go to any department store or a store that maintains beauty products, you will find kabuki brushes. Kabuki brushes have a short stem and head is flat. These kabuki brushes are the preferred makeup artists for applying powder on the basis choice. Because of their small size and platform, these brushes are suitable for applying concentrated amount of base in a large blunt curve. So you can opt for these brushes for applying powder.

Foundation brushes that come in the form of flat brushes language say a cat with tips are best for powder foundation. To apply powder base through these brushes, you have to mix outside of your nose to the ear.

For liquid foundation, polecats are your best bet. These brushes come with thinning hair and are excellent for polishing the liquid foundation in a circular motion. Skunk mix the liquid foundation into the skin very well and unlike other quality brushes cheaper, do not give the appearance of streaks foundation on the skin.

Tips Apply with a brush Foundation

For a beginner, it might be a little difficult to use a foundation brush. However, with practice, this art can be mastered easily. Start liquid foundation with pouring a small amount of liquid foundation in your hand. Choose a part of the base of your hand with one side of the brush, if you want a light blanket. Dip in both sides of the brush into the liquid foundation, if you want a more complete coverage. Then, using large downward movements, mix foundation on forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. Do not forget to apply foundation on the neck, if the contrast between the face and neck stand out, to give your skin an uneven appearance. Ultimately, use the small hairs on the edges of the brush to apply the foundation in areas that are usually neglected, such as the folds of the nose, around the mouth and hair.

Advice on the maintenance of the Brush Foundation

It is very important to keep your makeup brush clean so that bacteria do not accumulate on them. If you plan to buy a foundation brush upscale, most of them come with a conditioning shampoo that is designed for cleaning brushes. They can be easily cleaned with a baby shampoo also. The best way to clean makeup brushes is to dive into the olive oil, then put them under running water. After that, they must be soaked in shampoo, rubbing gently then rinse with cold water. Following this method once a week will ensure that is much less shedding of hair brushes and the brush lasts for a very long time .

The main advantage of using basic brushes vis- à-vis sponges is that they also work well with dry, liquid and cream foundations, providing comprehensive coverage of the skin. Any problem on the skin such as spots or wrinkles noses, which have become a little dark, can easily be covered by applying foundation with brushes on the skin. Their great advantage is that if taken care of properly , they last for years. So if you want the skin flawless face, invest in a foundation brush of good quality.

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